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Drop-off and the School Day

Drop-off Service

The School Day


Arrival Time

All gates will open at 8.30am. Please enter via the following gates:

Gate 1:1C and Yrs 2-6

Gate 2 (Main gate): RS, RA, 1H & 1J

Gate 3 – Nursery and RH 

Children in Yrs 2-6 will go to the main playground or wait with their parents near the classroom doors. Children in Yrs N, R & 1 will wait with their parents near the class doors. Classroom doors will open at 8.35am and close promptly at 8.45am, when learning will start. Any child arriving after this time must go to the school office.

Break and Lunch

Playtime for Y1 to Y6 is staggered between 10am-10.30 am each day.

Lunchtime begins, for most children at 12.00 noon. The afternoon session begins at 1.05pm for the Juniors and 1.15pm for the Infants. There is no afternoon break. 

Timings for the end of the day

To ease congestion with parents and children around the site, there are new collection times:

Nursery: 3pm

Reception, Yrs 1 & 2: 3.05pm

Yrs 3 – 6: 3.10pm 

Gates 2 & 3 will open at 2.58pm for Nursery parents ONLY; parents with children in 1H & 1J access through Gate 2 at 3pm.  Gate 1 will open at 3pm for all other parents of children in Yrs 1C, 2, 3 & 6.

Please make your way to the doorways by your child’s class if in Years 1-3, or at the top of the playground if in Yr 6. Yr 6 children, who are not being met, will be walked to the front of the building by their teacher.

Parents of children in Yr 4 & 5 will enter the school using Gate 3 at 3.08pm. Yr 4 parents wait between Gate 3 and the Oaks building. Year 5 parents are to meet their children at the eback of the school. The children will be brought out and dismissed by the teacher.

When children are dismissed from school they are expected to leave the site and go straight home – unless, of course, they are involved in an after-school activity. Please phone ahead if you are likely to be late so we can then let your child know and save them from worrying unnecessarily. Persistent lateness at the end of the day makes children feel insecure and impacts on the smooth running of the school, so please try and avoid this at all costs. Any parents arriving after 3.20pm will need to collect their child from The Oaks Building (Afterschool Club) and will be charged for this extra care. 

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