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A message from our two Head Students in Year 6:

Being elected Head Student has made me reflect on how lucky and privileged I am to represent such an incredible and supportive school community.  One of my aims is to encourage all the students here to have the positive experience I have had during my time from Nursery to Year 6.  Throughout my years of school, I have tried to uphold the school motto Dream, Believe, Achieve and I would like to encourage my fellow pupils to do the same.

As Head Student, I do my best to be approachable, friendly and always willing to listen to everyone’s great ideas!  I am grateful Smitham has given me these great opportunities and I would like to give back to the school by ensuring that others are given the same chances to achieve their full potential.


October 2022


As Head Student, I want to make sure that students’ ideas are heard and that everyone has a say.  I am extremely grateful for being given this opportunity and hope to use it to its fullest.  From Nursery to Year 6, I think everyone should be able to experience the enjoyment of our school and the possibilities it brings.  Since Covid effected two of our school years, I want to make this one the best yet.  I know people have a wide range of opinions and I am ready to listen to all of them.  I fully understand all of my responsibilities and know I am able to manage them all.  I want to make Smitham the best it can possibly be.


October 2022

Smitham Reflects!

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Learning Council Blog - April 2018

Enriched Reading - 16/4/18

In this school, we have an amazing thing that we do at the end of the day called Enriched Reading. It really helps us up-level our work. When we read our book and we hear a good word, we write it down on the board. And when it comes to writing, we use those words to improve our writing. Enriched Reading helps us a lot.

By Holly, Alfie and Leonardo


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